Spring has finally set in. This last week the leaves in the mountains have come and everything is green again. It is spectacular that it can change so fast. The cheery blossoms have come and gone around here, but they can still be seen up in the mountains. The birds have come back and everything is growing again.


The situation here has settled down. We have not had a blackout for a very long time and are no longer checking the schedules. Everyone still seems to be still conserving power, but things are returning to “normal”. I was back at soccer the two week ago and went to kyudo for the first time last week.

We have a handful of students at our primary school from the affected area (Fukushima). I believe they are staying in permanent accommodation around the town. When they first came they were in the community center.

We are still getting earthquake aftershocks. It is not so frequent now, but there are still large ones every now and then.