Shopping today and there was food on the shelves again. Food is an important part of my life, so I was very happy. Over the past week we had to bring our own food to school – usually we eat the same food as the students (for a small fee).

Yesterday saw the return of bread and milk to the school lunch, but that is it. No rice. No miso soup. I don’t know why we are only getting bread and milk, because bread and milk is the only thing that we can’t get at the shops still.

It was interesting to see what the kids packed in their lunch. There mothers really go all out. There is so much variety in that little box. All the little bits of meat and salad and other things I don’t know how to categorize. Those kids have it good.

It seems petrol is still low at the petrol stations as they are mostly closed. We have not been using the car much so we still have an almost full tank. Safe for now.